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Photography from a kite is ideally suited to recording archaeological sites from above. Vertical or oblique images can be used for site recording and monitoring. It can produce unique viewpoints for publication or promotional images. Using digital cameras allows the collection of many images per session. These can be stitched into larger images and if required, rectified. This makes it a suitable method to rapidly map archaeological sites. Pole aerial photography is ideally suited to recording smaller areas of detail.

Land management

Kite aerial photography is a useful tool for land management / environmental monitoring such as: vegetation monitoring, monitoring river and coastal erosion, footpath management.


Kite aerial photography and pole aerial photography are the ideal tools to produce unique and memorable images for a variety of marketing uses. If you have a visitor attraction, or are looking for unique images to promote your business or an event we can supply images suitable for a range of uses from web presentations, to print media such as posters, brochures, and booklets.

Condition Surveys (Building Safety & Repair)

Domestic and Commercial buildings review (before & after) for safety and repair activities. In many cases the use of pole and kite aerial photography can reduce or even replace the need to use scaffolding or access platforms making it a quick and cost effective recording technique.


Click the image to see an example of 3D modleeing using kite aerial photographs

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