May 28, 2024
Specialist Services Underground Survey

Meerstone Archaeological Consultancy is probably unique in offering underground survey as normal part of its services. We are specialists in the recording and interpretation of underground sites ranging from rapid photographic surveys to fully detailed three dimensional recording of sites all of which are carried out to recognised standards. Our cost effective methodologies were initially developed for recording historic mines but have also been successfully applied to archaeologically significant caves.

We are therefore able offer an assortment of survey solutions to suit a range of sites and conditions. Due to our level of knowledge and experience we are also able to offer a superior level of assessment for conservation planning and site management in relation to underground sites. The threats to underground archaeology are often very different to issues faced by surface sites. This is an area where our experience and knowledge is invaluable. This experience gives us a detailed understanding of the management issues relating to underground sites and allows us to formulate and implement effective management strategies for clients.

We have between us over thirty years experience of underground exploration and are fully proficient in all access techniques including single rope technique. We are experienced cavers and have explored and recorded a wide range of disused mines across the UK. Martin Roe, our Principal Archaeologist, for several years held the position of Conservation Officer for the National Association of Mining History Organisations (NAMHO). He has written nationally adopted guidelines for underground recording now quoted in English Heritage policy documents. He has also focussed substantial parts of both his undergraduate and post graduate studies on the theory and practice of recording underground archaeology and integrating it with surface sites. We pride ourselves on being able to access and work in hard to get to underground spaces.


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